23 June, 2022

How Social Media can affect Mental Health

According to the Centre for Digital Wellbeing located in the ACT ‘The design of social media platforms is reframing our digital experience and altering patterns of […]
23 May, 2022

What you need to know about TikTok …..

TikTok, formerly Musical.ly, is currently the most downloaded non-gaming app and achieved the highest downloads globally in the first quarter of 2022 with 175 million downloads. […]
20 April, 2022

Trolls: A nightmare not a fairytale

Trolls have been around for centuries as mythical characters in children’s books. Often depicted as ugly, unpleasant, and scary creatures who used their magic for evil […]
17 March, 2022

Sextortion: A growing trend

Sexual Extortion or ‘Sextortion’ is a serious form of image-based abuse. Sextortion is threatening to publicly reveal images, video, or personal communications of a sexual nature […]
17 March, 2022

How to set up Screen Time on your child’s school iPad

Like it or not technology is an everyday part of the learning journey for our primary school-aged children. The iPad is the interactive learning tool for […]