29 January, 2019

Safer Internet Day 2019 – ‘Together for a Better Internet’

  Tuesday February 5th marks Safer Internet Day (SID) for 2019. This annual event is recognised and supported by over 140 countries as a day to […]
22 November, 2018

Spacetalk – the fantastic new smartwatch for kids

Christmas is approaching, and your child may be asking for a new device. Deciding when to get them a device of their own is a topic […]
20 November, 2018

Houseparty – the new video chat app for up to 8 users

A new app is making waves with kids around the world. A virtual meeting place for up to eight people to simultaneously video chat called ‘Houseparty’ […]
5 November, 2018

TikTok and Musical.ly – the new popular video sharing network

Musical.ly emerged in 2014 and quickly garnered hundreds of millions of users from all around the world. The idea behind the app was simple: users – […]
15 October, 2018

Voice assistant devices and children

New voice controlled devices like the Google Home or Amazon Echo are becoming hugely popular. As Google have just released the next iteration of these devices […]