23 February, 2015

Beware of Anonymity Programs

Websites and apps that guarantee the user anonymity when communicating and posting are unhealthy and potentially dangerous for children. A common thread reported to me by […]
23 February, 2015
Terms and Conditions

Keeping up with age requirement Ts & Cs

It is always important to check the fine print when it comes to on-site communication programs. Just last week a student felt she was correcting part […]
8 February, 2015

Could an old past-time help you and your kids solve a modern problem?

Recent research has indicated that regular family dinners can reduce the likelihood or minimise the effects of cyber bullying. Of course it is not the meal […]
5 February, 2015

Tinder for kids

As often occurs, websites appear and operate largely unnoticed until our attention is draw to them through a serious physical world incident or concern.  This has now occurred with […]