2 February, 2018

Freemium Gaming

If your children enjoys playing games on your smartphone from time to time, you might want to take a look at your in-app purchases settings. Many […]
28 November, 2017

Downright disturbing content is targeting children on YouTube

We’ve recently discovered a disturbing new trend on YouTube that needs to be brought to light immediately. Hundreds of YouTube channels seem to be gaming the […]
11 October, 2017

Are your kids on The Dark Web?

The Internet is huge. While most of us might believe that the internet stops at the last page of Google’s search results, the reality is that […]
2 May, 2017

How common is sexting amongst teenagers? This is what they have to say.

By definition, sexting is the distribution of a sexually explicit image or video of oneself to another user, or receipt of the same, via information communication […]
10 May, 2016

The consequences of sexting. Educating our children.

Sexting is the distribution of a sexually explicit image of oneself to another user via information communication technology. In short, sending a nude picture of yourself […]