26 August, 2021

Social Media Showdown – Parent vs. Teenager

As a child do you remember the only way you could talk to your friends was a telephone connected to the wall by a cord. Always […]
16 June, 2021

What parents need to know about Omegle

  With children spending more time online in the past 12 months, yet still craving social interaction, Omegle offers a virtual solution to meeting others.  But […]
24 September, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Discord

Discord started as a way for gamers to communicate. Today, it is a huge social network over 100 million users. These users connect within special interest […]
14 September, 2020

Reality suicide video on social media

You have no doubt been made aware of a distressing and disturbing reality suicide video being shared online.  This video is being shared as a stand-alone […]
20 March, 2020

COVID-19 and Cyber Safety

Due to the current situation Internet Safe Education would like to advise our customers that we are continuing to provide all of our Cyber Safety services […]