15 October, 2018

Voice assistant devices and children

New voice controlled devices like the Google Home or Amazon Echo are becoming hugely popular. As Google have just released the next iteration of these devices […]
10 October, 2018

What effects do devices have on sleep?

Nowadays, kids spend a huge percentage of their lives in front of a screen. Of course, responsible and necessary use of devices accounts for a large […]
19 September, 2018

Queensland criminalises revenge porn

‘Porn’ is enough of a four letter word without adding ‘revenge’ to front of it. In case you are lucky enough to have missed this disturbing […]
27 August, 2018

The 5 stages of online grooming – radicalising children

Over the twenty two years that I worked as a police office and internet detective, I spent thousand of hours tracking the activities of online predators. […]
14 August, 2018

How online predators stalk unsuspecting kids

The following Internet Safe Education article first appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, July 26, 2018: Source To those who grew up in the age of analogue, […]