Courses for Students

Clever Digital Choices provides teachers with a comprehensive and ready to use resource that incorporates research and strategies developed through 11 years of specialist experience. Internet Safe Training developed this course to assist teachers to facilitate discussions with children to assist them to make clever digital choices to play and learn safely online.

The Product

Clever Digital Choices includes five lessons designed to empower upper primary aged students to be successful 21st century learners who safely use technology for fun, learning and connection. Students are empowered to make clever digital choices using easy memory aids and fun activities. Teachers are provided with professional development notes to ensure they are confident to facilitate the lessons, regardless of their own digital experience.

What It Includes

Each of the five lessons within Clever Digital Choices includes:

  • An engaging animation to set the scene for the lesson with key messages and examples
  • Teacher’s resources (printable) includes
    • Student worksheets – printable. Includes prompts for the animation, scenarios, quiz and transfer/support activity.
    • Learning goals
    • Proposed flexible lesson plans (90 – 120 minutes) – small or large group implementation of scenarios. Use in one session or in multiple sessions.
    • Teacher’s notes – valuable professional development relevant to facilitating the lesson.
    • Lesson outline – step by step guide to facilitating the animated video, discussion questions, scenarios and transfer activities.
  • Student worksheets – printable. Includes prompts for the animation, scenarios, quiz and transfer/support activity.

Benefits of the courses


Flexible Timings


Ready to Use


Varying Delivery Options


Promotes Classroom Discussion


Fun and Engaging


Easy Yearly Subscription


“I really liked how this lesson was explained and set out. We watched a video about how a secret for a friend could turn into a lot more. After, we all named social media apps, online games and websites that you could connect with and/or talk to others…we were given a booklet of questions and stories to answer and figure out what could happen if it was done offline and online. Overall I like the lesson and give it 5 stars”

CW, Year 6 Student – The River School, Maleny

“We were fortunate enough to trial the first module of Internet Safe Training for schools. My Year 6 class blew my mind with what they knew about online sites, games and apps, brainstorming things I had never even heard of! I was equally blown away by how naïve they were in their understanding of online safety and so this program is one that I am definitely going to follow through with.”

Kerrie Kirwan, Year 6 Teacher – The River School, Maleny