A must-read for parents and carers

Brett Lee has spent thousands of hours as an Internet detective pretending to be a teenager online to hunt down and prosecute child sex offenders.

In Screen Resolution, Brett describes his experiences in real and powerful terms, profiling predator behaviours and exposing their sinister intentions.

Often confronting and at times disturbing, Brett’s account will help you discern the truth behind the screen and what you can to do to protect your families online.

Through reading this book, every family can achieve a safe and productive online environment.

Hard Copy

About The Authors

Brett Lee

A former undercover internet detective and police officer of twenty-two years, Brett’s online detective work led to the successful prosecution of dozens of child sex offenders. He also took part in early collaborative ties between Australian and United States agencies involved in online policing.

Brett subsequently founded Internet Safe Education and since 2008 has provided services, speaking and training globally to school communites and organisations surrounding the creation of a safe and productive online environment.

David Morris

David has been a senior journalist with the Melbourne Herald-Sun, Burnie Advocate, and Queensland Times, as well as a magazine editor-in-chief for Federal Publishing Company. He now provides writing services with an edge to government and the corporate sector.

David identifies with Brett’s vision to make the internet a safe environment for families and communities.